Ann Gillman, LCSW

The Cred:

Bachelors of Science in Psychology

(concentrations: Clinical Psych and Neuro Psych)

Masters in Clinical Social Work

(concentration: Trauma)

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

Hi.  My name is Ann, and I'm just a friendly neighborhood therapist. 

I love brains and am fascinated by how they work.  I also love human resilience and watching when people overcome difficulties in life.  I hate that therapist bio's tend to be cheesy, and I really don't want mine to be, but I do think it's important for you to know a few things about me. 

I am passionate about mental health awareness; I want to be a contributing force to ending the stigma we all face if we've struggled with mental health issues. Yeah, you read that right, I have struggled with my mental health too.  That's not something I'm ashamed of, I think it gives me a great perspective on what we are capable of. 

Therapy is tough.  We are tougher. 

I'm a parent, I'm a partner, a dog owner, and a tattooed nerd.  Therapy, for me, is a safe place to be yourself, to work on how you want that self to be present in the big wide world. 


TL;DR - I'm a nerdy tattooed therapist who likes brains (not the eating kind).


My office hours are:           

Monday 10-5

Tuesday 9-4

Wednesday 1-6

Thursday 9-3  

Friday 9-12


Waitlist available for new clients; please email me via the contact us page.