University of Denver – Master’s in Social Work

Brandon Supak, LMSW

“Brandon’s a really nice guy.” - Brandon’s grandmother, 2023

I don't think I'm the right therapist for everyone. In fact, I'd wager that any therapist who says that they are is lying; but what I can tell you is that I'm a good therapist for many and a great therapist for a few.

Why am I a therapist? Two reasons: one, I’m someone whose life has changed as a result of therapy and two, I’ve heard from far too many people that “therapy isn’t for [them].” I believe that therapy is for everyone but it's like getting a haircut; if you get one bad cut, you don’t swear off haircuts forever–you find a different barber. If we meet and I’m not the “great therapist” you deserve or even the “good therapist” you’d hoped for, I’ll do whatever’s within my power to find whoever or whatever you need to reach your goals.

During our sessions together you can expect honesty, respect, and unconditional positive regard. This is unlike a visit to the doctor–where one person prescribes and the other listens. I believe that therapy works best when we’re both equal partners, working together on whatever problem you bring into the office. I commit to being a participant in your journey and doing everything that I can to ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and empowered to take control of your healing.

Philosophies aside, I’m a music lover, a dog owner, a happily married husband, and, frankly, a huge nerd. I believe that, despite some inevitable unfamiliarity and awkwardness, therapy has the potential to be fun and maybe even something worth looking forward to. Also, I swear sometimes.



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