Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Master of Social Work
(Areas of focus: Adult Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Trauma)


Shana Conley, LCSW

Hi there! I am Shana Conley. Many clients/patients have asked what brought me into this field as a
second career and my response is 100 percent my love for people. I have always found people,
specifically human behavior, fascinating and desired to learn more. As you know, we all have a story in
which some of ours include experiences that have shaped us in many ways and perhaps in many
directions. I chose to become a therapist to help people through their challenges. Life can be hard;
however, I believe in the capacity of every person to persevere and succeed. I find joy in begin able to
help others see their potential, navigate their day-to-day, and THRIVE!

I have experience working with individual in need of hospitalization as well as those seeking outpatient
services without access to proper resources. I believe each person has a natural right to happiness and to
experience all the joy life has to offer and should this require psychological intervention, I believe each
person deserve this help regardless of their status (i.e., the boxes we check on applications that are used
to define us). 

A little about me: I love animals. My favorites are dogs, goats and peacocks. Go figure. I love shows
about animals and movies about the weather. As a child, I was convinced I would be a meteorologist but
here we are, and would not change it for anything. I truly believe I have found my place and my way to
give back to the world more than I have taken.